As an administrator, one of your main challenges can be the integration of your new platform and helping the users adapt to it and familiarize themselves.

How to get a list of users who never connected?

To find out who has never registered or joined your platform, despite the invitation  sent to them, you just need to:

  • Go to the "Organization Administration" page, by clicking on the "Settings" button located in top right corner of the menu bar at the top of the page
  • Click on "Manage Users" located in the "Users" section 
  • Click on "Active Users" and choose "Unconfirmed Users" from the drop-down menu

Now you have the list of people whom you invited to join the platform, but who  have not yet set up their accounts. 

How to invite them again to join the platform? 

You can send out another invitation to join, by clicking the button "Resend all invitations" or click "Send come invitations" if you want to re-invite only specific users. 

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