Quizzes can have one or many questions.
A question can offer 2 to 4 possible answers, of which only 1 is correct.

To create a quiz, you have to:

  • Click on the “Quizzes” tab found in the menu column on the left
  • Click the “Go to quiz collection” button or “See quiz collection” button
  • Choose the quiz collection where you want to publish a quiz
  • Click the "Create a new quiz" button 

Then, complete each of the fields:

  • Title: write the question you want to ask 
  • Explanation for the correct answer (optional): explain why the response is the correct one 
  • Answers: provide 2 to 4 response options

You must tick the box “This is the correct answer” below the appropriate answer (there can only be one).

You can provide an explanatory image or an illustrative video for the question and/or for the correct answer.

You can add additional questions by clicking on “Create a question”.

You can then set up a point system by configuring the gamification of the quiz.

Finally, you can choose to publish the quiz immediately or save it as a draft to publish later.

See you very soon on Inceteev!

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