So you’re hoping to pre-schedule the running of your platform?
Good idea!

To encourage users to adopt the platform, nothing works as effectively as scheduling regular posts.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Prepare a weekly timetable

In each box, indicate how you want to engage and motivate your users:

  • Message intermediary managers to encourage them to use the platform at the start of the week, or congratulate them on their work at the end of the week
  • Message the head of management to communicate on the company’s strategy
  • Make a post to show the results of the challenges straight away
  • Quizzes 
  • Publish a mini-challenge (“tell an anecdote”, “download the mobile app”, “add a profile picture” etc.)
  • Carry out market research (e.g. your competitors’ new products) or on jobs (e.g. an article on sales performance)
  • Etc.

Specify for each of these bullet points who will be in charge of carrying out the task. 

The more you publish content, the more your users will have a reason to connect to the platform. Statistically we check our phones more than 200 times a day on average, and it’s because of notifications and the new content that’s available to us.

  • Create recurring themes

We advise you to have regular activities throughout the week to create “rituals” on the platform.

For example: a piece of advice on Monday, an interview on Tuesday, an anecdote on Wednesday. 

This allows you to give the user a heightened sense of anticipation and impatience.

  • Prepare your content in advance

You can write your content right away and then schedule when they are to be published. This will allow you to optimize your time that you dedicate to animating the platform.

Think about evolving tour timetable to best adapt to the expectations and needs of your users.

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