Have new employees joined your organization? Others have left or changed positions?

Update the user file

To update your user base, you need to update your user file. If you need help, you can find information about creating a user file in this article.

If you do not have a user file you can download it from the platform by clicking on the "Gear" button -> Organization Administration -> Manage users -> Export list.

If you need to:

  • Add a user: Add a line to your user file and fill in the required information (first name, last name, email address, role(s) and permission profile). You can also add his/her ID (if you use any within your organization), job title and phone number.
  • Delete a user: Remove his/her line in the user file.
  • Change a user's company position: Update the "Role ID" column.

Upload your updated user file in the platform

Once your user file is updated, you need to upload it to the platform.
To do so, go to the "Organization Administration," then to "Manager users" and click on "Upload a file of users."

By default, the simulation mode is activated. In the first place, we strongly recommend you upload your user file in simulation mode. This will allow you to check there are no errors in your file that could apply unwanted changes to the user base of your platform. Once your file is uploaded, you will receive an email stating the changes that were made in the user base according to your updated user file.

If the changes reported in the email match the changes you intend to make to the user base, you can upload your file again without the simulation mode.

If some of the changes reported in the email do not match the changes you intend to make to the user base, modify your file and try to upload it again.


  • Tick the "Deactivate users not present in the file" box if you want to keep in your user base only the employees that are listed in your updated user file.
  • If you have added users manually before thanks to the "Create a new user" button, make sure these changes are taken into account by your new user file. By exporting the user base from the platform, you can compare the current user base with the file you are about to upload. To export the current user base, go to "Organization Administration" -> "Manage users" -> "Export list."
  • You can see the list of users added manually by clicking on the "Last update [...]" button, located at the top right corner of the "Manage users" box. This link is only available if manual changes have been made in the past.


You are now ready to update your user base.

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