Quizzes are a simple, fast and fun way to reinforce your teams expertise regarding your products, your brand, ongoing regulations or their activity.

In the how do I create a quiz article, we saw how to create quizzes, one by one, on your platform. Now, we'll show you how to save time and create several quizzes in a single import.

Step 1 : Find the Import file

Go to : Quizzes > Import Quiz > Download a template file

Step 2 : Fill in the Import file

Each line represents a quiz. All you have to do is to fill the following fields : 

  • Collection (required) : The identifier for the quiz collection, where your quiz will be featured. These identifiers can be found by clicking on "List of quiz collection identifiers", right under Import file link. 
  • Title (required) : The title for the quiz. It is recommended to have distinguishable titles as to identify them faster.
  • Introduction (required - no character limit) : This field lets up you give a context for your quiz and/or wish the participants good luck.
  • Author (strongly recommended) : The email address of the person who will be shown as the author of the publication when the quiz will be posted on the newsfeed.
  • Response Time (strongly recommended) : How much time do you want to give the participants to answer each question. Depending on the complexity and the length, a 30 to 45 seconds time cap is enough.
  • Publication Date (strongly recommended)  : Indicates when the quiz will be published (ex : 30/03/2018 16:19)
  • Closing Date (strongly recommended) : Indicates when the quiz closes and is no longer availiable (ex : 30/03/2018 17:19)
  • Publication Newsfeed (strongly recommended) : The identifier for the newsfeed where the quiz will be published. Just like your collections, you can find them by clicking on "List of newsfeed identifiers".
  • Participation Points (strongly recommended) : The amount of points you wish to reward users for having participated in the quiz. Participation is key, that's how we learn. 
  • Right Answer Points (strongly recommended) : Points for each correct answer. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you to reward ten points by answer instead of just one. Earning 10 points is always more rewarding than winning only one. NB : Be sure that you allocate more points for correct answers than you do for participation. 
  • Wrong Answer Points (unrecommended) : We advise against penalizing participants for answering incorrectly : They're already punished enough by not having earned any points, it would be even more discouraging to have points removed.
  • Perfect Points (unrecommended) : This option allows you to give bonus points for having a flawlessly answered quiz. Although this might be appealing, it is not necessary. By having answered all questions correctly, they already earn the highest amount of points possible, compared to those who haven't. 
  • Bonus Points (strongly recommended) : You can add bonus points for having answered a quiz within a certain time period. This allows you to reward the most consistant participants and to penalize those that rarely connect to the platform or that answer quizzes long after their publication. For this, we advise you to allocate a similar amount of points of those for correct answers. (Requires : "Bonus Duration")
  • Bonus Duration (strongly recommended) : The amount of hours where bonus points are still available. We recommend a set time frame of 24 to 48 hours after the quiz publication. (Requires : "Bonus Points")
  • Attributed Manually (optional) : Determines if the allocation of points should be done an administrator (1) or automatic (0). In most cases, it will be automatic. 

Questions structure :

  • Question (required - 255 maximum character) : Title of the question.
  • First Answer (required - 150 maximum character per answer) 
  • Second Answer (required - 150 maximum character per answer)
  • Third Answer 
  • Fourth Answer 
  • Right Answer (required) : Indicates which answer is correct by a number from 1 to 4. There only can be one.
  • Right Answer Description (strongly recommended - no character limit) : This field allows you to explain why this answer is correct and to dive deeper into the subject. 

NB 1 : Each question and its choice of answers are numbered as such ("1 - Question", "1 - Première réponse"...; "2 - Question", " 2 - Première réponse"...).

NB 2 : The columns order is not important, they are detected by their header.

Final Step : Import your quiz file

Go to : "Choisir un fichier" (Choose your file) > Validate

NB : Make sure that your file's format .csv or .xlsx

And "voilà" : all your quiz are now imported and will be published on the specified date. 

À très vite sur Incenteev ! See you soon on Incenteev !


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