Did your teammate or your team had a great performance? Celebrate together!!

A regular habit of recognising your colleagues goes a long way: it benefits morale, team culture and growth.

With our new feature "Share" you can directly post the performance of your teammate on a newsfeed, congratulate him, ask him how he did it, or why not... challenge him for more!

Here's how the share indicator (s) feature works:  

  1. Go to a chosen dashboard,
  2. Click on the "Share" button on your screen 
  3. Select the indicator(s) that you want to share, 
  4. Type your message to personalise your post,
  5. Select the newsfeed where the post will be published,
  6. Click on the publish button,
  7. Voilà! It is published. People can access more details directly from the post by clicking on "See dashboard",
  8. Share your feedbacks with us!

Ready? Share! Comment! Like!

See you soon on Incenteev!


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