On Incenteev, the hierarchy reproduces the structure of your organization.

It allows you to establish the subordinate links between each team, to assign your users to the right teams or to give them access to the right spaces, such as news feeds, challenges, dashboards or quiz collections.

A well-designed hierarchy is a pre-requisite for a successful Incenteev experience that benefits you and your teammates

How do I access the hierarchy of my platform?

Settings > Organization Administration > Manage Hierarchy

If you want to visualize your hierarchy, click on the button with the 3 vertical dots symbol, and then go to "Manage Hierarchical Levels".

Levels and roles

A hierarchy is divided into 2 categories : Levels and roles.

A "Level" is used to define the major levels within your organisation (i.e Headquarter, Regions, Sectors, Divisions, etc.)

A "role" is a sub-category of the hierarchical level. They will allow you to go into details within these levels (i.e Regions : North, South, East and West) and link the users to their team.

Now that you know what is a hierarchy, you are ready to create your own!

Here are some articles that might help you on your journey to perfecting your hierarchy creation skills 😉 :

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