In may we worked on 5 NEW features and 2 IMPROVEMENTS we would like to share about!

  • Share a great performance on a newsfeed

With the new SHARE button on the dashboard page, you can directly post the performance of your teammate on a newsfeed, congratulate him, ask him how he did it, or why not...challenge him for more! A good way to animate the daily performance management!

Find out more about share performance

  • Bonjour @All !

Is your message important? Make an announcement to all members in a newsfeed by using the mention "@all". All users from this space will be notified. 

Find out more about @All

  • "Please sign in with" ...SSO 

Bye, bye Incenteev passwords!
If you have a user management system in your company, you can now allow users to connect from it.
It reinforces the security, it simplifies the user access management and delights your team.

Find out more about Single Sign On

  • Ad Hoc teams

Marketing vs. Sales? Managers vs. Sales Reps?... mix them as you wish!
Use this new functionality when you want to launch a challenge for users or teams by mixing participants from various hierarchical levels. 

  • GDPR : anonymisation & contacts 

Following the new European law, we released two requirements: 

  1.  We are now managing a security contact and a GDPR contact per organisation. You can manage those fields from the organisation settings page. They are mandatory. Let's fill in those forms on your incenteev platform!
  2. As a super-admin, you can anonymise a deactivated user. This action allows to delete all personal data of a user on the platform. 
  • Little things that matter: 
  1. Universal links on IOS:  Land directly in the app when clicking on a Incenteev link.
  2. New design of ranking: Do you have a challenge where TOP 3 participants can win the prize only if they unlocked some conditions? We have an improved design to make it more engaging! 

You love one of these releases but you need help to implement? Contact your CSM!

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