Having a single sign on/SSO system reinforces the security, it simplifies the user access management and delights your team.

What is it?

If you have a user management system in your company, you can now allow users to connect directly with it. You confirm usernames and passwords with the company user database, or another application, instead of managing specific passwords for Incenteev. When the user is connected to your user management system, the user will automatically connect to the Incenteev platform.
We use SAML Web Browser Single-Sign-On (SSO) which enables Incenteev to delegate user authentication to a customer SAML identity provider instead of a configured user registry. Read more on this concept.

How to set it up?

1. Set up single sign on/ SSO in your user management system and retrieve the information about SSO URL, Entity ID and certificate.
See below example where we choose Google: 

2. Go on Incenteev Platform in the Organisation Administration/ Manage Single Sign On (SSO) section and configure the single sign on for Incenteev by using the information form step 1.
In the below example the name would be Google:

3. Finalise it by downloading the metadata file generated by Incenteev and upload it in your identity/user management provider system. This will allow Incenteev to use single sign on/SSO.
PS: For platforms already active when you configure SSO, make sure to re-upload the user file specifying which user benefits from the new access:

4. Voila, the users can now log in directly with the chosen application, in this case directly via the Google account: 

If you require assistance do not hesitate to contact us at support@incenteev.com !

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