We loved your feedback on the "Post and Win" feature and made several improvements which we hope you will also love.

Easily spot the "Post and Win" message 

We redesign the look of the "Post and Win" post so that everyone can easily see them in the newsfeed. Now, the post has structure, a status and a nice ribbon which indicates the topic (dataset) to which it belongs.
The status "validated" and "automatically validated" is displayed to everyone, while the "pending" and "rejected" status only to admins, managers and the post author.
What is the difference between "validated" and "automatically validated"? In the first case the managers and/or admins manually validate each post (result). In the second case the validation is done automatically by the system and the result can still be later rejected.

Stay tuned! We are excited about you using "Post and Win" to foster conversations and exchange around the right topics. We are grateful to grow this functionality together, with you!

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