We know, sometimes there are just too many notifications. We embarked on a journey to make them less noisy and more relevant for you.

  1. Fewer social notifications

Less social notifications for you: we now notify you, by default, only about:

  • when you are mentioned by someone in a conversation
  • reactions and comments to your posts 
  • posts from your managers and admins

If you love staying in touch with all your colleagues, you can still choose the option to be notified for all conversations. Just go to notification settings and choose your preferences or select directly from the notification icon on each newsfeed.

2. Notify you about changes with your results

Instead of letting you know each time that there was an update in the data, we now inform you ONLY when there was a change in data that affects YOU.

This is the beginning of many improvements on notifications! Your feedbacks will be more than welcomed :)!

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