July 15th 2018, 18.41 : final whistle. The football French team is world champion! What an ambiance! But what would have happened if the referee had not whistled? 

Give a final whistle to your challenges on Incenteev! Celebrate your team's achievements. 

Only 4 steps: 

  1. Set the challenge end date: it allows participant to place the challenge in the time-frame and fight until the end.  
  2. You will receive a notification when the challenge is ending. You will then be able to check scores and do the last review (from the usual manage result pages).
  3. Once scores are validated, let's go on the validate winners page ! You will find the  list of all participants and their prizes (when they got one). 
  4. You can write a little message to all participants when validating the winners. This message will be visible on all challenge pages. A good opportunity to start celebrating! 

Animate! Validate! Celebrate! 

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